Thursday, December 1, 2016

Badulina Community - Invitation to new land... video and new page

This material is copied and pasted from our new page:


Would you like to live in southern Spain?

Build your own house?

And live in a community?

We are searching for members & private lenders to buy land !

We invite you !

We are looking for one or more  lenders or investors who can lend [part of] the € 125.000 by contract
so that we can buy this wonderful property in the months to come, hopefully still in 2016

We are also searching for young families and co-creators
who are able to buy a small plot of land (~€ 10.000) to build their own alternative housing on

We are open to people who can afford only to rent a plot
or work for their plot through an extra amount of community work


... walking along easy slopes of blooming terraces with fields of flowers on the fertile ground, taking a deep breath, cracking almonds, picking oranges, peaches, figs, apples and grapes already growing on the property, tasting the wealth of Mother Nature.

Creating comfortable living spaces in the cooling shadow of the olive grove in a colorful mixture of creative buildings, people living and working together and hearing the laughter of our children



We, Melchior & Amiel and our new born daughter Melissa, have found a wonderful place with 9 hectares (22 acres) of farming and building land in Southern Spain, close to the town of Orgiva, perfectly located and suited to create a new community.

We are bee-keepers and founders of a small community in El Morreon, where we lived for the last six years. We have gained a lot of experience in communal living and now we feel that it's time to move on.

We dream of creating a self-sustaining community on the amazing rural estate that we have found.

If you are interested in funding or becoming a community member
please contact us by private message
Tell us about yourself and how you want to get involved.

We are also interested in your vision of living in a community.
We will send you our vision statement and try to answer any questions you have

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Badulina Video

Episode 3: Badulina from Global shutter on Vimeo.

I was visiting my dear friend Ischa who stayed in this community called Badulina.
A wonderful place in the valley of El Morreon – Orgiva, near Granada in the south of Spain.
In this heart healing place I met Melchior Hof, a very inspiring guy who left his 'normal' life in the Netherlands to start living off the grid here in this beautiful valley.

About our community Badulina

Badulina, known also as Rainbow Terrace exist about 5 years already.
We are on about 350m high in the Alpujarra mountains, in a valley called El Morreon. This is the neighbourhood, where are a lot of alternative people and different communities are living more less together. The little village close by is called Orgiva. Practically 50% of the 6000 people here and around are foreigners. This makes living here very special. Many people came here from their home countries to look for nice weather, more freedom, connection to nature and like minded friends to begin a new life in a new way. That´s why most of them stay open and willing to help others who do the same.

For us most important is that we can live here together with an open heart and uplifting energy, that we are happy to see and meet each other in the daily contact. That´s why, it is also important that we are not using drugs or alcohol. In a case that someone drinks a glass of wine on a party or is really nice and sociable after a joint we may tolerate that but when people just sit stoned for whole day - it is not what we want.
This and other aspects create very friendly and safe atmosphere for children, who are constant and always very welcomed in our place.
There are three cats living on the terrain so the dogs who are staying by us have to be gentle with them and with the kids and our ears as well ;)
We are very variable in size. 40+ in winters and 10 in average in the summers. Many people come with campers, tents, buses, or just backpacks. We live in campers, caravans, domes, yurts and  in few houses. Many people are here for a few weeks to a few months, some stay longer and many come back every year. All are always very positive about the place.
Especially because we are planning to expand to another project we are looking for longer term community members that can commit their life and energy and with who we can build together the future.

We live on about 4 terraces with many olive trees, and about 2 hectares of land in total. 
Things are changing constantly and comfort levels are slowly improving.
We have excellent drinking spring water from a near by village that we collect in bottles. We have solar systems and our own internet café with connection on wifi. We have communal, rather vegetarian kitchen, that people can join to eat together for only 20 euro per week. From willingness ( not obligatory ) of equal input together, we buy food, cook and take care for it.
We are not a Rainbow gathering, but a community of mostly rainbow people. Ideas are coming from inspiration and from what people want to do enthusiastic involving the others. During a year we have common olive harvest, Tango classes, mantra singing nights, yoga classes, yurt building workshops, singing classes, tantra workshops etc.
There are possibilities of building something, or rebuilding the ruins. There are possibilities joining our bigger projects what involve some investments of energies and money. One way or another we are creating our life and together we are stronger. Together is much more fun :) So join us if you feel so. Do not hesitate to ask the questions
Love and Light

Melchior Hof
Amiel Aleksandra
and others

Badulina welcome song

Badulina that´s also title of the CD, book and beautiful song made by mystical music group.
When new people arrive I introduce them whit this song text.
It goes like this:

You and me , were gonna live freestyle,
At least for a while, till the day that we die,
I know we shall find a place under the sky
Where Love is the law and the truth cannot lie,
Who you've been where you going
Have you coming from far?
It don't matter for us, in the present we trust.
We know the worst criminal is a diamond covered in dust

So welcome back to your long lost home,
You travelled from far but now you know you are not alone
We are millions, billions
Praying for change
One day we shall unit gather under this name

Open up your gates
Open up your mind
Open up your heart


Lately we are more into the beekeeping. And now have 9 bee families in total!
Also we use now a special place in the mountains for it where can stand up to 40 hives.

Dwellings of Badulina . History part 7

Friday, May 6, 2016

Badulina community spring 2014. History part 6

Winter is over here in South Spain.
Warm days, sometimes wind, but being naked in the sun is wonderful.
The community is booming. We have been over 40 people (including 20 children) the last months.
Great all this aliveness and sharing of food, creativity and activities.